After last scheduling his sixth studio album, Cormega Raw Forever, for a June release date Cormega has revealed in an interview with Conspiracy Worldwide Radio that the album will now be released sometime in September.

Before speaking in-depth on his project Cormega made sure to make a few clarifications in regards to the album which will be somewhat of a “Best Of” project with original songs, remixes, and several guest appearances.

Cormega Raw Forever is coming out September, but I don’t wanna deceive the public it’s not like a new Cormega album,” Cormega explained. “It’s a Cormega project. Basically Cormega Raw Forever is gonna be like a best of. It’s gonna be two CD’s: one CD’s gonna be a best of and the second CD is gonna be like MTV Unplugged, like me working with a band. You see what I’m saying?”

While Cormega Raw Forever will likely have quite a few guest appearances the rapper seemed most excited about his song with the son of deceased rapper Big Pun.

“One of my favorite remixes on the whole album is ‘Get It In’ with me and Lil’ Fame because the band killed it to the point where it sounds better than it did on my album cause the bass they just killed it,” said Cormega. “And we put Baby Pun on the album. Big Pun’s son is making his debut on Cormega Raw Forever. So it’s like I’m proud of that because I just can’t explain it man. It’s Pun’s son…and he’s killing it so I was happy for that.”

And on a more serious note Cormega spoke on Haiti and the fact that despite not being shown in the media not much has changed in the Caribbean nation since the earthquake.

“After the earthquake it’s not much of a change. Economically, you have people that are trying to build new companies so they can generate their own revenue out there, but it’s really bad out there,” the rapper explained. “Like you said the media isn’t really reporting this so a lot of people think that everything is copacetic. [There was] so much funds and the economy was generated through various charities and through various efforts to help them, but a lot of that money never really reached the people.”

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