Kid CuDi surprised fans when he announced that actor Shia LaBeouf would be in the director’s chair for “Maniac” and “Marijuana.” According to the Hollywood star, it was all hooked up through rapper Cage, who he’s been trying to make a movie about for some time.

“[Cage] is one of my good friends. Cage, Chris Palko, and I had been trying to make a movie about him for a while,” he told MTV News. “Cudi hit [Cage] up and did a song with him. Cage sent me the song, called ‘Maniac,’ so initially, we started prepping this video, which is really like a short horror movie that I made that comes out on Halloween,” he said. “In the interim, while we were finishing up the effects on it, [Cudi] told me he was going to Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cup.”

He recalled being in Amsterdam with Cudders, and how it led to his involvement with his music videos. “It’s as big as Spielberg. It is for a 25-year-old male who has all these crazy fantasies about Amsterdam, which every male my age has, there’s that college trip you always want to take,” he continued. “And to do that with CuDi when he’s a judge, and I get to roll with him with my 8mm camera [like] an ‘Easy Rider’ documentarian, I felt like Cameron Crowe or something.”

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