Lupe Fiasco has been stirring the pot with his controversial comments regarding President Obama and his politically charged songs. Speaking with Cee Lo Green on his new Fuse talk show “Talking to Strangers,” the Chicago, Illinois native explained when exactly he realized he was political and how those around him helped shape who he’s become.

“It was when I was born a black man in America, is the day I became political. Even if I was unaware of it because the deck was already set for me,” he said. “That nurturing of how I was going to be brought up and how I was going to live out my life in the places that I would be. Born on the Westside of Chicago, so that in itself came with a whole set of things and consequences and routes that I was going to go through just off top.”

He credits his parents with opening his mind to the world around him. “There was a certain type of trajectory that I was born into, and at a certain point, my father and my mother and other forces that were around, they gave me perspective on it. So instead of me falling into the dope deal lifestyle, fall into the gangbanger lifestyle, feet first, they gave me a perspective on how to look at that situation and look at those things, and not only look at them for face value but understand where they came from.”

Watch the rest of the interview below, where he talks about his love for Nas, how he got his name and his humble beginnings.

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