Tech N9ne recently scored his highest Billboard debut with All 6’s & 7’s, landing at No. 4 on the Albums 200 chart. Speaking with Bootleg Kev, the Kansas City, Missouri native explained how his movement keeps picking up steam even when he thinks he’s maxed out.

“It keeps getting bigger and bigger right before my eyes. Right when I’m thinking I’ve done a lot, a lot more comes. That’s a blessing, for real, because to be the only independent in the top five,” he said. “It was crazy. I don’t get no radio play or no video play, it was crazy. But my fans are insanely, crazily in love with me.” 

He credits his success to his heavy tour grind, though a co-sign from Lil Wayne put him in new territory. “I think it started with Rock the Bells and Paid Dues, and then when Wayne said my name, a lot more people took notice and tried to see what it is. Then, they got this album and they were like, whoa,” he said. “With this album, there’s going to be a lot of awareness. People are going to start being familiar. After this, I’m about to work on a collabo CD called Strange Land with all our artists. Then I’ma do my rock album.”

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T9 also explained that even though his collaboration with Eminem, “So Lonely,” couldn’t be completed in time for All 6’s & 7’s, a duet will one day see the light of day. “Royce [Da 5’9] hooked us up and Em said he’d love to do a song, we sent it to him and everything. And he said I’d live to do it. He was like, ‘I got that, give me a couple of weeks.’ And then Paul Rosenberg called and said it’d be like a month, and I was like, ooh, my mastering date was coming up in two weeks. So I was like OK, next time.”

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