With Pete Rock and Smif-N-Wessun’s upcoming album Monumental hitting stores June 28th, Da Beatminerz’s DJ Evil Dee and Mr. Walt shared their admiration for the two acts. Speaking on the veteran producer, Beatminerz explained how Pete Rock changed the game.

“Pete Rock is dope. When it comes to his production thing, he’s mad melodic,” said Evil Dee. “Pete changed the game when we came out. His horns and that [Public Enemy] ‘Shut ‘Em Down’ remix? Let me tell you something. A lot of niggas still ain’t fuckin’ with that. They can’t fuckin’ rock like that today.”

Turning their attention towards Tek and Steele, the production team praised their abilities. “This is really coming from the heart. There’s a lot of groups where there’s always a weak link in the group,” said Walt. “I don’t want to name any groups that have weak links, but I’ll name some that doesn’t have weak links. EPMD, Run-D.M.C., M.O.P. and too bad Smif-N-Wessun don’t have an ‘e’ at the end of their name.” 

They named Dah Shinin’ as their favorite Smif-N-Wessun project, which they produced in its entirety. “Dah Shinin’ was our favorite project, because it showed growth in Beatminerz from the first album, which was Enta Da Stage, Black Moon,” said Walt. “Dah Shinin’ was technically our second record. It was fun. Steele is easy to work with, it’s that fuckin’ Tek. Jeez Louise. It was dope, it was really dope.”

As for their chemistry, Walt praised Tek and Steele’s ability to support one another. “One thing about Tek and Steele, together as a group, those guys, they get it. They always got it from day one. Everybody has a different record that they shine differently on. My favorite for Tek is ‘Black Smif-N-Wessun.’ And for Steele, it was ‘You Da Man’ and I like the way he set up ‘Bucktown.’ They equally share the spotlight where other groups, one guy does it and the other guy is just hanging out doing nothing. Hold my coat, son!”

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