Peedi Crakk recently caught up with High Snobiety to discuss the importance of relationships in the game. During his chat, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native explained that who you know in the game is more important than your skills, and that a good relationships will help further your career.

“Relationships are super important in the industry. It’s more important, actually, than your talent,” he said. “If you’ve got a good relationship with somebody in a position of power and they don’t mind working with you, if the opportunity comes up for them to help you out with something and you still got that open relationship, they’ll look out for you.”

Peedi knows from experience that burning bridges can hurt your career. “I learned the hard way, kind of ruining certain relationships with certain people,” he said. “And then I know people that have loved me for years that I’m [still cool with] like The Roots. It’s always been good and it just gave me opportunities to be on three Roots albums, just because we got a good relationship.” 

He emphasizes that once a relationship becomes personal, it doesn’t always play to your benefit. “It just ain’t about personal relationships. I had business relationships with certain artists. As you start thinking it’s personal, it goes somewhere else. Everybody’s not going to be able to help you when you need it.”

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