While serving a three-year bid for a weapons charge, Prodigy used his time to better himself as a person. Speaking on “The Monique Show,” the Queens, New York native explained that he had a moment of clarity while in the clink, realizing that he only had himself to blame for his mistakes.

“I’m sitting there and I realized that I got my career taken from me, my family, everything stripped of me, and I’m just like wow, I put myself in this position, I can’t even blame somebody else,” he said. “It really made me analyze my whole life and my decision making and my priorities and the things that I was doing before I actually got locked up, and I just came to the conclusion that I needed to change things around a little bit as far as how I was moving and the things that I would do when it came to rap music.”

He expressed remorse for his behavior towards other MCs in the game. “Beefing with other rappers. When it came to finances, spending money on jewelry and all kinds of craziness like that, just different things like that. I had to get my priorities together,” he continued. “And I realized that and I was like, I’m not going to get another chance after this because I’ve been given a lot of chances in my life. This was the last straw, getting locked up.”

With his Sickle Cell potentially acting up in prison, he knew he had to get his mind right. “I had to look at all of that and just really get my life together. When I went in, I said, you know what? I’m going to start eating right every day, I’m going to drink a lot of water every day, I didn’t drink no juice or soda. Just drank straight water, ate a lot of vegetables, got more in tune with God, get back in line with God and where I needed to be as far as my spirituality,” he said. “Work out every day. I was doing a lot of working out, exercising, and things like that. I really got myself together in there, all the way around. Mentally, physically, spiritually. All that. And it worked.”


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