Royce Da 5’9 previously ruled out a collaboration with Eminem due to time constraints, but with their joint EP under Bad Meets Evil dropping next week, he considers it to be “definitely God’s work.”

In an interview with, Nickel Nine recalls how the two came up with the project. “This just came really organically and smooth,” he explained. “We had so much fun doing it, that we decided any time we had a little bit of spare time we’d record something just to fuck around like we used to back in the day.”

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As far as the chemistry between the two rappers, Royce said that it was organic. “The chemistry just clicked pretty easily. We just looked up after a certain amount of time and had the 11 records on the EP — nine and the two bonus cuts (‘Living Proof’ and ‘Echo’). So we decided to put ’em out.”

He also reflected on how fans are starting to enjoy Em’s sober side. “A lot of people love the new, more mature, more sober, conquering- his-demons (Eminem),” he says. “But a lot of them want to hear the old, crazier Em from back in the day. So whenever we get together we try to make it as nostalgic as possible, just take it back to when it didn’t matter and we just wanted to rhyme. We wanted to play those characters again. That’s what feels normal to us when we get together.”

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