9th Wonder recently spoke on his standing in hip-hop, reflecting on both Little Brother’s impact and his shingle Jamla Records. Speaking with Out Da Box TV, the super producer discussed how Little Brother’s legacy will reveal itself in the future. 

“I guess it’s the music that we made. We kind of came out of nowhere. I guess the music that we made can last a lifetime,” he said. “I think we wasn’t a mainstream group, but I think that we’re one of those groups that 15 years down the road, a kid’s going to dig up and we’re going to be the cool thing to have.”

He also justified signing artists like Rapsody and Skyzoo to his Jamla Records imprint. “‘Cause I felt like their heart is in the right place. A lot of kids come to me and want to be like, ‘Sign me, sign me, sign me.’ I’m a North Carolina dude. We like to get along with people. If me and you can’t get along, we can’t make money,” he continued. “I know that they say, ‘Friends and business can’t mix.’ We don’t believe in that, man. I have to be able to at least get along with you and have some type of kinship with you if I’m going to have you around me all the time. That’s how I chose the artists. And plus, I feel like they had a talent, too. So I started a label because I wanted to pay it forward. I wanted them to have the same experiences that I had.”

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As for his future musical aspirations, 9th explained that he just wants to stick to hip-hop. “I understand there are other genres of music that you can get into and do this and that and the third. I’ve worked with a lot of people. But I really believe in my black music and I really believe in my hip-hop music, and I believe in making that king first, before anything else,” he said. “No diss to any other forms of music, but to be quite frank, other forms of music don’t give a fuck about us. And I’m not saying I don’t care about any other form of music, but I know what made me and I know what I stand for and I know what the culture stands for.”

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