British Hip Hop site Urban World recently caught up with heralded producer Ski Beatz to discuss last year’s 24 Hour Karate School and his upcoming projects. Ski broke down how he came to put Karate School together and confirmed that a sequel to it is on the way.

“The 24 Hour Karate School was my first project that I released,” he explained. “It’s been a while since I released a project before that, but it was dope. It was just me in the studio, which we nicknamed the Dojo since everything is karate-related, and I hooked up with a bunch of cool artists and put this project together, and we’re doing part two.”

Ski also revealed that he’s planning on releasing a UK version of 24 Hour Karate School, featuring a host of British artists. He said that he wants to expand the Ski Beatz brand over seas and experience working with different types of artists at the same time.

“I can’t tell you who’s on it, but I can tell you we are in the studio,” he said. “We officially moved the Dojo from New York City to Londontown. [Artists] are coming in and we’re knocking songs out. We’re trying to put this 24 Hour Karate School UK version together, and hopefully before I leave, it’ll be up and running.”

He also added, “[I] just want[] to move the brand around. A dojo is basically a school, and a school can be anywhere. We’ve got masters in the states and there are masters, black belt rappers over here [in the UK], so we’re moving the Dojo and getting the masters that are in your town to come into the Dojo and lay down the tracks.”

Watch the full interview below.