Veteran musician J-Zone is prepping the release of his first book Root for the Villain: Rap, Bullshit and a Celebration of Failure. The work, scheduled for release this fall, is a collection of “curmudgeonly rants, hip-hop-inspired memoirs, humorous outlooks on failure and think pieces on the general stupidity of the world at large in 2011.” 

In a statement, J-Zone joked that the book is for “0.0002%” of the world’s population. He also listed qualifications for potential readers, including those who “still use a Walkman and collect records” or “are a curmudgeon with an allergy to bullshit.” 

Additionally, the producer launched a new website that will launch later this month. Fans can get an advance look at Root for the Villain in roughly three weeks, when J-Zone will post a few chapters of the book on his Ego Trip page.

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