In his autobiography, Mobb Deep’s Prodigy noted that former Murder Inc. affiliate Cadillac Tah set up Ja Rule and Irv Gotti to be jumped by E Money Bags. But according to Tah, Prodigy fabricated the incident in an attempt to sell more copies of his book.

“My dude say in his little book, Gotti and Ja got robbed. That’s one fact that’s not true,” he told Forbez DVD. “You could do your homework on that. Niggas ain’t never been robbed, as long as I was around. Now whatever happened before then, I don’t know nothing about. But as long as Murda Inc. shit was poppin, niggas never got robbed, you feel me?” 

He explains that he called Ja and they laughed off the situation, though he hasn’t conversed with Irv Gotti. “I haven’t spoken to Gotti, he be doing his own thing. He probably ain’t even paid no attention to that shit. But I spoke to Rule and shit, the nigga Rule was laughing on the phone,” he said. “We laughing at this clown ass nigga. We just buggin out off this Karrine Steffans male ass nigga. This nigga’s a male Superhead. But go head man, do what you gotta do to sell your book.”

He also debunked claims made about his business relationship with E Money Bags and Ja. “Homes who a nigga speaking about, I never fucked with. So you could do your homework on that, too. Niggas will tell you that. I never fucked with a nigga. Nigga could have never gotten a page from me, ‘cause I never got down with a nigga like that,” he stated. “That’s another shit to look at when you look at his book and see that all that shit ain’t facts. And the nigga started shit off I think he said something about, the introduction was about his beef with Ja Rule or some shit. That just goes to show you that a nigga put some shit in there just to get his book sold. ‘Cause the nigga never had no problems with Rule.”

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