B.G. is one example of a rapper who’s made the tumultuous trips back and forth between labels both major and independent. The former Hot Boyz group member cut ties with T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records in 2009, but seems to have fond memories of the label’s founder. He spoke highly of his first meetings with T.I. before signing to Grand Hustle.

“T.I. was like, I was one of the reasons he [started rapping],” B.G. told Mikey T and Hip Hop Weekly. “He was like, ‘I used to be just sitting in the trap just bumping all your shit.’ I had put out six solo albums under Cash Money before [T.I. and I] even had our deal…So I was like, ‘Damn.'”

Although fellow Hot Boyz member Turk is doing a 14-year prison bid because of charges related to weapon possession, B.G. says he still would like to see the group do a reunion album.

“All of us say, ‘We ready.’ The whole world wants it, the whole world wants to see it. It’s a business move. Me and Baby talk all the time. Me and Lil Weezy, that’ll always be my little brother. Me and Juve, I don’t know, we don’t really talk like that.”

B.G. is gearing up to release his mixtape, Money Side Murda Side II.