Jakk Frost stirred up controversy with his newly released track “Gay Bashing” off his upcoming Coldest Summer Ever. Now, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native is explaining the meaning behind the record, declaring that he doesn’t condone violence against homosexuals and was attacking current trends.

“I don’t condone hate crimes against somebody for their sexual preference on no level. Not one time in the record do I say ‘Go kill a male or a female because they choose to have sex with the same sex,’” he said. “It’s not what the record is about. ‘Gay Bashing’ was the title because it’s just that. It’s me bashing these gay swag fag type rappers.”

His intention was to target rappers who dress in tight clothing. “I’m talking about these dudes that’s influencing our kids and our youth to run around dressed like women, tight jeans, tight shirts and swag this, swag that,” he continued. “It’s not to encourage anybody to go hurt anybody or do anything to anybody. I never want nobody, an innocent person, to get hurt or for nobody to catch a case or influence somebody that’s weak-minded to commit suicide over a record called ‘Gay Bashing.’”

Frost explains that if you listen to the track, you’ll get where he’s coming from. “Now, the hook, the title, everything is controversial. But if you listen to it, it makes total sense and you’ll understand where I’m coming from,” he said. “When I use the word ‘fag,’ I’m referring to these fag swag, tight jeans, tight shirt rappers. Am I saying that everybody who wears tight jeans and tight shirts is a faggot? No. I’m not saying that. I’m saying that I’ve used the word fag in a slang way, the same way Kobe used it.”

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