Elzhi has penned innumerable verses throughout his career, but it’s a recent one that he considers his favorite. The Detroit, Michigan rapper recently spoke to Soul Culture TV about why the rhymes on his version of Nas’ “Memory Lane” are some of his best. 

“The original Illmatic version was basically [Nas] speaking on things in his childhood, but the version that I have I kinda flipped the concept a little bit,” he said. “I made ‘Memory Lane’ into a place where you couldn’t get there through any public transportation – you had to go inside yourself. The only way you can go inside yourself to go is if you took the mental plane or you took the train of thought. And you can hop on any one of those little transportation joints inside yourself and be right there.”

The former Slum Village member recently released his ode to Nas’ Illmatic, renaming it Elmatic and flipping each track from the 1994 classic. 

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