Inspectah Deck has warmed up choice Wu-Tang Clain records including “Protect Ya Neck” and “Triumph” by handling first verse duties. But not even Deck can explain how the crew decides who goes where on the cuts.

While on the set of Cappadonna’s video for “Milk This Cow,” he explained that it’s just the luck of the draw. “I can’t call it man, it’s just the roll of the dice. Sometimes it’s triple 1’s, sometimes it’s triple 6’s. You still try to win, regardless of how it come out,” he told Forbez DVD. “When I go on a track, I know I got Meth, Ghost, Rae, Cap… I got big gun niggas right there, so if I ain’t bustin’ off as hard as I can, we pull the spatula out on you to get the fuck up off the track.”

As far as ranking his favorite verses, Deck considers his more recent material his best. “Honestly, some new shit I just heard. Solomon Childs’ new shit,” he said. “I heard the verse and I was inspired again. I was like, ‘Who the fuck is that ill nigga?’ It was me.”

He also noted his verse on Wu-Tang Clan’s “Heaterz” off of 1997’s double-disc Wu-Tang Forever. “I like shit like ‘Heaterz’ off the double album, I think that’s one of my good ones,” he continued.

Deck is currently gearing up for his new album The Rebellion, due later this year. “Rebellion album is in the works, y’all know I’m posted in my hood, staying close to my peoples, getting my thoughts right. When y’all hear that shit, you’re gonna hear a lot of good shit.”

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