Big K.R.I.T., Big Sant and STS recently hit the studio together to cook up some new music. But while taking a break from laying down tracks, each MC spoke to 3 Little Digs about what they consider to be their three favorite things at the moment.

“My three little digs right now: brown liquor, rap music and family,” explained Big Sant.

K.R.I.T. took a different approach, giving a more unconventional response. “My three little digs: one, overall, God,” he said. “Music, and fuckin’ furniture, man. Motherfuckers buy shoes and shit and buy clothes and shit, but for real, furniture, dawg! Dressers and goddamn couches. A nice bed. Don’t sleep on that shit.”

As an added bonus, he recommended that people should treat themselves to rest and relaxation every now and again. “And I’ll tell y’all, y’all need to get with spas. Fuck that shit. I’ma start getting massages out this motherfucker. Don’t be sleeping on that shit, try it out!” he said. “$25 get you 30 minutes from one of those Chinese women in the mall? You’ll see what I’m talking about. Middle of the mall, chilling, making it happen.”

And as for STS? “Women, weed and what to wear. That’s it.”

Check out the three in the studio below.

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