Nas fans anxiously awaiting Lost Tapes 2 may be disappointed, as it appears that the compilation sequel will not see the light of day.

“When I released Lost Tapes, it was on Sony,” explained Nas to MTV News. “Being at Sony for so long, I was used to things going easy. Kinda easy. At Def Jam, I just got there, I’m still in my ways at Sony. I’m like, ‘yeah, this record’ll come out this time, a few months later I’ma drop this.’ But we just started working together, so they’re like, ‘We can do this, but wait, maybe we should do it like this,’ and I wasn’t used to that. And then there was no communication at all, and I wasn’t used to that.”

Nas continued the comparison between labels. “With Sony, I wasn’t used to a lot of communication, it was just, we understood what we were doing…Def Jam, it was more, ‘Let’s sit down, let’s have tea and talk this over.’ I wasn’t so used to that, and I saw kinda things falling behind. It kinda messed up my flow, I thought. The timing for that is gone.”

“Now, it’s all about the new record,” explained Nasty Nas, who added that he wasn’t entirely satisfied with his last album, Untitled. “I could pick a song, or two, or three, that I coulda did without. And there were songs that I left off that I shoulda put on. We all go through that.”

Watch the interview below: