Bone Thugs-In Harmony says they are serious this time. Bizzy Bone is no longer with the group. According to Layzie Bone, Wish Bone and Krayzie Bone said they could no longer tolerate Bizzy Bone missing shows and planned public appearances the group scheduled to support their album. The remaining members said they received attitude from their fans when Bizzy didn’t show up at the shows.

“We would like to clear this rumor up about Bizzy Bone,” Layzie Bone told MTV.”That cat made his own choices, his own decisions. He’s no longer in our group. … Please believe we love him, but he’s doing his thing. We doing Bone Thugs. That’s what the f— we wanna do.” The group had previously distanced themselves from Bizzy Bone in September after he showed up to one of their concerts intoxicated. “We all agree to do something and he don’t want to show up for some reason, “Krayzie Bone said in an interview with MTV.”He’d need an extra tour bus, he needs an extra $20,000 just to come be on TV and be seen with us. “I told our fans, ‘What you want us to do?’ “Layzie Bone injected. “They really be mad at us. I’m like, ‘How long you gonna be mad at us for what another n—a do?”

Bizzy Bone, who has been busy with other business ventures and public appearances (discussing his kidnapping as a child), says he did his best to keep up with the groups busy schedule. “I’ve been kidnapped, I’ve been touched on as a kid, I’ve been homeless, I’ve been starving — this can’t hurt my feelings “I did everything within my means,” he insisted. “I tried. It’s just not meant to be.” Though Bizzy is going to continue on without the group, he doesn’t count out rejoining the group. I’ll never say never. I won’t burn the bridge. I’ll just walk across the muthaf—a and hopefully I’ll see y’all later.”