M-Bone, member of West Coast trio Cali Swag District, was unexpectedly murdered in a drive-by shooting last night. According to fellow group member Smoove, the 22-year-old, whose real name is Montae Talbert, died from gunshot wounds in their native Inglewood, California.

“Ma life changed drastically in the. Blink of an eye rip mbone,” tweeted Smoove.

TMZ.com reports that the incident was a random act of violence. M-Bone was outside of a liquor store at 11:32 P.M. last night when the gunman drove by and fired shots at the rapper. Police don’t suspect that the shooting was premeditated.

The group is best known for their platinum-certified hit “Teach Me How to Dougie.” CSD is currently prepping the release of their upcoming debut The Kickback. HipHopDX.com will keep you updated…

Ma life changed drastically in the. Blink of an eye rip mboneless than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

[May 16]

UPDATE: According to TMZ.com, M-Bone’s murder was motivated by jealousy. His girlfriend claims that a man living in their apartment complex who was jealous of his success in the music industry. The man reportedly made threats of violence towards M-Bone and engaged in Twitter wars with him.

As previously reported, the gunman fired at M-Bone while he stood near his girlfriend’s car parked outside of a liquor store. After firing a first round, the shooter drove a short distance and made a U-turn to see if he had hit his target. No arrests have been made.

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