Florida-born rapper Ace Hood made quite the revelation during in an interview with Good Fella Media when he revealed that Queens rapper Canibus was one of his influences growing up. The rapper even went on to explain that he took a few notes from the rapper’s flow.

“I was huge on Canibus. He was crazy with the flow and that’s part of things I got man and just took it,” said Ace during the interview. “Lyrical massacre, man he’s a beast. I was there when him and LL was beefin’. I was tuned in to that era you feel me? I know some things man.”

According to Ace, his interest in Canibus and other New York artists helped him with both perfecting his craft and becoming a more versatile artist.

“I used to grow up listening to a lot of New York artists as well. Just so I could get that type of feel of the game and that type of craft. My biggest thing is versatility,” he revealed. “And I feel like that’s the biggest thing from a Southern artist you can be. [Meaning] that the game is changing up so at the end of the day in order to be a successful artist from the South you have to do best of both worlds if you want to have respect in the Northern parts of the world.”

In his interview, the “Hustle Hard” spitter also spoke on Lil Wayne and how working with such an artist has been a huge highlight for him.

“That had to be one of the biggest highlights in my career to be able to work with a guy such as Lil Wayne,” Ace Hood explained. “And it was crazy how the situation just approached itself. Wayne was just a huge fan of the record which took me by storm…I grew up listening to Lights Out, Tha Block Is Hot, all of that. I’ve been a fan as long as this man been rapping. His craft is genuinely just great.”

Ace Hood will be releasing his Body Bag mixtape on May 21, 2011.

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