Grandmaster Mele Mel is encouraging New Yorkers to get physical. The hip-hop veteran is set to star in a rap-inspired fitness show titled “Grand Master Fitness with Mele Mel,” set to air on several New York City’s public access networks this summer.

On the show, the Bronx, New York native, who formerly went by Grandmaster Melle Mel, will cover the fitness bases, traveling to different gyms and showing people how to eat properly. 

“The Bronx – and America – needs to get fit. We’re sofa kings, fat sofa kings,” he told NYDN. “The average American used to be a strong, respectable person. Now he’s fat and lazy and wondering when he’s going to get his next Big Mac. We need a more fit image. It’s got to be done, and I’m going to do it.”

He promises a little more diversity than the average fitness show. “Every episode isn’t going to be me and a bunch of people sweating to music,” he said. “I want to make it fun, and show people how to eat right.”

“Grandmaster Fitness” will air on BronxNet, Brooklyn’s Brick Arts Media Channel and Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

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