Much like our regular editions of Loose Links, we’re always trying to recognize the many, under the radar things going on in the world of Hip Hop. If something catches our ear or eye, during the week, we don’t always have time to post it. And like many of our savvy readers, we can detect wackness that has been polished by a good P.R. campaign a mile away. In recognition of all the above, we offer three videos that caught our eye during the week with commentary straight from the artists who made them. Even if none of what you see finds its way to BET or MTV, they may just find their way to a spot in your regular playlist rotation.

Has-Lo: “Utero”

Artist: Has-Lo (Philadelphia, PA)
Album: In Case I Don’t Make It (Released March, 29. Available online and in stores now).
Tale of the Tape: “The difference with the videos now is just relationships. Right now, a close friend from my childhood does all my videos—Antonio Battle. Back then we were in a group together. He hadn’t even realized what life path he wanted to take, and video wasn’t a really prominent thing for him. Five years later, it’s like, ‘Ahh, I see now. Film is the way that I want to go.’ And that decision afforded me a lot of opportunities, so it’s pretty awesome that way.”


Quite Nyce: “Hmmm”

Artist: Quite Nyce (Central Massachussets)
Album: CRTFD [Street LP, release date TBD]
Tale of the Tape: “I linked up with FLEO, a soulful producer from Switzerland, and Florian aka THE FEPFILMS to shoot a video in Switzerland. On this one, I find myself relating to the everyday 9 to 5 worker just trying to make more money to feed their families. We all can get lost in that comfort of that particular hustle and forget that life is about aspiring to constantly do better. Please support this record anyway you can via radio, print, social media outlets, word of mouth, etc. Again we appreciate your support and look forward to your feedback.”


The GoodDoctors f. Project Mayhem: “Magnificent Mile”

Artist: DJ Terry Hogun, Reece Rolex and SC featuring Project Mayhem (Chicago, Ill)
Album: The Duff (available for free download now)
Tale of the Tape: “One party, two guys–20 swishers–NO HOES! A story about absolutely DUFFing…..featuring all of Chicago’s dopest artists and a surprise from Philly—brought to you by The Gooddoctors (Terry Hogun and Reece Rolex) and producer SC!”