Hip Hop audiences can be fickle sometimes, and for good reason. Your favorite artists often get lazy and start chasing yet another advance check. And the websites and blogs that cover them can be equally lazy—regurgitating the same stale artists over and over again. Earlier this week, a few members of the DX editorial staff received an e-mail from Nocando of Project Blowed and Customer Service fame.

Unlike many of the annoying post requests we receive, this one offered no promises of an “infectious banger” that was both new and hot. It was a simple request along with an explanation of why Nocando had been out of the spotlight (he started the indie label Hellfyre Club to work on projects like Open Mike Eagle).

Lately music videos have become a complicated beast. Artists are releasing 30-second trailers for videos that are only three minutes long. DX readers openly complain about videos from Lil B and Nicki Minaj saying they want “real Hip Hop.” You can start with the nearly impossible task of trying to define “real Hip Hop,” then point out that the same complaining readers aren’t watching videos by the likes of Sean Price and Ras Kass. I could drone on and on, or just let Nocando introduce the video himself. Read, watch and decide for yourselves.

Nocando: “I produced the video and was inspired by the style of the song to do an old 50’s style video. I’m releasing this project on my label Hellfyre Club on June 7th. It was directed by Jason ‘what’ Haberman, and people should watch it because this is the first of many Hellfyre Club releases…and they don’t wanna seem like band-wagoners and hop on too late and look stupid.”