Cormega paid a visit to Haiti last June for charity work after the devastating earthquake ravaged the land. Now that he’s back on American soil, the Queensbridge, New York native continues his Haitian support with the announcement of the benefit track “I Made a Difference” featuring General Steele,, Redman, Lil’ Fame and Maya Azucena.

The cut, featuring backing band The Revelations and touting drum programming from M.O.P.’s Lil’ Fame, was originally intended to feature more rappers who balked on their promise to deliver verses. 

“The song is something that I wanted to do for a long time, ever since I came back from Haiti. Probably since like September 2010, we was trying to get the song done but a lot of rappers said they was gonna get on there,” he told “I’m yet to get their verse. I could only depend on the rappers that was coming through.” 

Mega, who is currently working on his next album Cormega Raw Forever, shared his joy over the track. “I’m extremely proud of the song, I’m proud of all the rappers who participated and I’m proud of everybody who helped make it happen. Like I said, it was a team effort,” he said. “I hope that people feel the song. Everybody that hear it, they love it. I hope Haiti realizes they ain’t alone.”

“I Made a Difference” is available starting on May 18th on iTunes and digital music stores. All proceeds from sales of the tune will be donated to Haitian Relief Organization.

[May 5]

UPDATE: Cormega originally intended to drop the song on May 18th, but he’s pushed back the release to June 14th after inking a distribution deal with Sony/Red to service the track to digital retail.

“Bascially, I was going to release the song on May 18th because that’s Flag Day in Haiti. But a situation occurred that made the project even bigger,” he told The Necktie Revolution Blog. “Basically, what happened, today, I signed an agreement with Sony/Red distribution, so now they’re involved in the digital distribution of the record. And I guess it’s going to also be ringtones, etcetera etcetera, as opposed to me just doing it myself. So the setup is going to take longer, but I initially wanted to release it on the 18th and I stuck to my word – I just didn’t sell it on the 18th. I released it and leaked it on the 18th. So it’s available now for people who want to hear, but June 14th is the day that you can purchase it on iTunes.”

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