Rhymesayers Entertainment emcee Grieves will release Together/Apart on June 21. The third album from the Seattle, Washington-based emcee continues the rich collaborative history with producer Budos, as well as veteran label-mate Brother Ali.

This year, Rhymesayers has released albums from founding group Atmosphere (The Family Sign) as well as Columbus, Ohio producer/emcee Blueprint (Adventures In Counter-Culture). Grieves is presently on tour with both acts.

The tracklisting to Together/Apart is as follows:

1. Lightspeed
2. Bloody Poetry
3. Falling From You
4. On The Rocks
5. Sunny Side Of Hell
6. Tragic
7. Boogie Man
8. Pressure Cracks
9. No Matter What
10. Vice Grip
11. Heartbreak Hotel
12. Speak Easy
13. Prize Fighter
14. Wild Thing
15. Growing Pains
16. Against The Bottom