Joe Budden isn’t holding back from airing his dirty laundry. The New Jersey rapper released a song titled “Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 3 (Closure)” detailing his breakup with model Esther Baxter, revealing that she cheated on him with NFL player Derrick Ward while pregnant with his child.

Rapping over Frank Ocean’s “Novacane” instrumental, he addresses his former fling on the emotional track, explaining that she lost his children, pulled out a restraining order on him and then cheated behind his back. “Then it got weird I got stunned from that / You took it to a place where there was no coming back / Off my last breakup I was able to stomach that / Two weeks removed and you fucking with a running back,” he raps.

Jumpoff Joey called Power 105’s The Breakfast Club earlier this morning to elaborate on what went down. “Don’t get it wrong. She can cook a great meal, but I ain’t trying to turn a ho into a housewife,” he said.



After recording the scathing tune, he went home and realized that Ward started following him on Twitter. “He wasn’t following me before. I follow him back and he DM’s me and things just start coming to light. […] He didn’t know. He didn’t know anything, according to him,” he continued. “I ain’t gonna front. Shout out to him, ‘cause he’s a real stand-up dude. He was like, ‘Yo, homie, she told me y’all broke up in January. She didn’t tell me she was pregnant. We always used protection but I don’t rock like that. I would never mess with another man’s queen. I apologize. We can go on three-way. We can call her.’ I’m like chill, we good.”

Now that he’s gotten the track out of his system, he hopes that listeners will take away something from it. “I was trying to make it seem like at what point, when does enough become enough? The moral of the story is pray for her,” he said. “And ho’s be winning.”

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