Nick Cannon is still fighting the good fight—apparently—and is still looking to defend his wife’s honor.

Cannon, who is married to Mariah Carey, revealed to that he will discuss his beef with Eminem during his upcoming Showtime comedy special. “I say how I feel about it. I mean it’s definitely an interesting take— I’m not trying to stir up old news. That’s the thing that my stand-up special is actually about. It’s everybody getting to hear what I have to say first-hand instead of [hearing it] through interviews and hearsay.”

“You get to see how I feel about it,” he continued. “And I think that’s why a lot of people are gonna be intrigued to watch. I talk about everything from Eminem, to my marriage, to how I feel about other celebrities and all that stuff. So, it’s an interesting take. People have been buzzing about it. I’ve been on the road with it for the last year, and everywhere I go it’s a standing ovation. So, I think it should be well-received.”

Cannon also had some tough talk for Shady. “I mean, if I see dude, and it ain’t 10,000 body guards around, I feel like we need to have a real man-to-man. And if he’s a froggish type of dude then we both can leap. But I doubt that’s ever gon’ happen because he don’t move like that. It’s one of those things where it’s definitely entertainment, I get that, but then there’s a line you cross where you start to disrespect a man’s family in different situations.”