J. Cole’s debut album has been in the making for years, and it doesn’t appear he’s ready to commit to a release date.

“I know my fans are frustrated with me, because I won’t give a date,” said Cole in an interview with pressofatlanticcity.com.

“I only gave a date one time in my career last year, and I smacked myself in the face because it was so unrealistic. Now I say it’s coming soon, and it’s really true, because we’re in the final stages right now.”

“I think of my own expectations and my pressure on myself,” he added, while describing his album as “heavy” and “emotional.” “I don’t worry about what the world wants me to do. I’m worrying about meeting my expectations.”

Cole also described his relationship with Jay-Z, which fell in line with previous accounts that Hov allows his artists to make their own way. “He’s definitely a mentor,” said Cole. “I just appreciate the fact that he lets me learn and grow on my own. When I need information, I can come to him.”