DJ Craze is one of the most respected deejays working today. In 1998 he was the DMC champion of the United States and the World. He has also worked with some of the biggest names in the business. So it goes without saying that he takes this whole music thing very seriously. He also has some harsh words for anyone he believes is not in it for the right reasons. Speaking with D-House Entertainment recently the deejay said, “If you [play music] for the right reasons, it shines. If you like playing all kinds of shit and you like doing all kinds of shit, it’ll show. If you do it just for the money, it shows and you’re corny. Flo Rida you’re corny.”

But he was quick to praise some he considers a true artist: Kanye West. Craze related some of his experience from touring with Kanye on the emcee’s 2008 Glow In the Dark Tour. He stated, “I was just thinking, ‘Kanye, the superstar guy, was gonna finish doing his the show, go to an after party, get with the hoes, just be a rock star,’ and none of that [happened.] The whole time we were on tour he was working on 808s And Heartbreak. When we were in China…everybody went to the Great Wall to check it out. And I was like, ‘Where’s [Kanye] at?’ And they were like, ‘He’s in the studio.’…He had a makeshift studio in the dressing room and he was always, always working. This guy wasn’t getting any sleep. He wasn’t messing with girls or trying to go party…The work ethic was just incredible.”

Craze also has music of his own in the works. He described his forthcoming release, an EP, as “coming out sometime in March or April. [It’s called] Dance Alone. I think my fans are going to be like, ‘What the fuck is this?’ ‘Cause it ain’t hard bass stuff, it ain’t turntablist stuff, it ain’t Hip-Hop stuff, it’s some different stuff. I’m gonna wait ‘till I put it out to show ya’ll people.”