MTV’s Sway Calloway recently caught up with Lil Wayne following a performance on the New Orleans leg of his current I Am Music 2 tour. The Nolia rhymer revealed that he and his Young Money partners will be filming a documentary about this tour.

Weezy F. said that he was inspired to make this latest flick by documentaries like 2004’s Fade to Black that focused on the backstage elements of the concert. He also said that he’s felt there have been few musical movements comparable to Young Money as of late that could provide such an interesting premise for a flick.

“I just felt like a movie like th[is one] hasn’t come out in so long,” he explained. “At that time when they put those movies out, we as the fans were interested in what they were doing on the road. … Nobody hasn’t came around since then that was that interesting other than Young Money. It’s going to be real major; it’s going to be real big.”

The full interview can be seen below.