Today, Warren G formally released “This Is Dedicated To You” , a LaToyia Williams-assisted track honoring his longtime musical partner and 213 band-mate Nate Dogg. Last month, Nate Dogg, a veteran Long Beach, California hit-making singer died after complications from a stroke. He was 41 years old.

Nate and Warren G’s best hit was the 1994 collaboration “Regulate” , which appeared on the Above The Rim soundtrack as well as Warren’s Def Jam debut, Regulate…G Funk Era. The pair worked together numerous times over the years, and reunited their early ’90s 213 group with Snoop Dogg in 2004 for The Hard Way.

In a recent interview with, Warren G confirmed that he and Nate Dogg were still making music together prior to the singer’s first stroke several years ago. Asked if the material would release, Warren spoke optimistically, “I’m thinking about doing a Nate Dogg & Warren G EP, and I talked to a few cats out there in the industry to get on and support. I’ve gotten some confirmations and stuff from some of the artists who wanna rock with us on that. I just want to let people hear that we still had hit records lined up, ready to go. It don’t stop. We still do this.”

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