Method Man recently caught up with The Come Up Show following a recent performance in Canada. The Wu-Tang rapper explained that he’s aiming for classic status with his upcoming The Crystal Meth, saying that he felt that he missed the mark on some of his previous efforts.

“I’m not realy reflect[ing] on the past yet,” he explained. “I’m not old enough yet. You know what they say, ‘Young people look to the future, old people look to the past.’ I’m going to reflect when I’m long gone and done with the music…In my opinion, I feel like I fell short a few times with albums, and I want my own personal classic,” he explained. “No arguments, no holds barred, Meth killed it. That’s it.”

Meth also spoke on his public persona as a smoker. He said that he’s been actively attempting to disassociate himself from the pothead image that he earned earlier on in his career, saying that it makes his childrens’ lives more difficult by maintaining it.

“When you get older and you’ve got kids and your kids are going to school and you know [their] teachers…and they see how active you are and concerned [you are] with your kids’ education or well being, it’s hard to sit there and be taken seriously if people are always talking about he’s always high…which is totally not the case,” he said. “When I first came out, I was young, we were doing our thing, we smoked a lot…and we didn’t care if the world knew. Now, I have to use more discretion because of my kids. This is not for me; everything I do if for them now, so I use a bit more discretion and I don’t put weed as a forefront anymore.” 

The full interview can be seen below.