After a long stint on the road followed by logging some studio time, the Vermont-based trio The Aztext decided it was time to give people a visual representation of what they had been working on. So they hit the club. Only this wasn’t your typical “wave your champagne glass in the air” nightclub cliché.

“We wanted the video to represent how we view Hip Hop,” explained Learic. As such, you’re more likely to see a dookie gold rope than a velvet rope in their video for “I Make Records.” The visual backdrop, a local club owned by a friend, is packed with B-Boys and Girls and deejays. Afterwards, the irony of a song about the intricate writing process being shot in a club wasn’t lost on Learic, Pro and DJ Big Kat.

“I don’t know if we were necessarily conscious of that,” Learic added. “It was more about us being confident in who we were and what we bring to the table.  We were confident just doing what we do best and letting that speak for us and be what people identify with.”

You can find “I Make Records” on one of the Aztexts’ and Touchphonics recent “season”—quarterly, themed EPs, each helmed by one producer.

“They’ll give the some of spotlight to the producer, because that’s not what the casual fans always look for,” Learic further added. “When you buy it it’s The Aztext and Touchphonics—they’re on the cover too. It’s like when you buy Jewelz by O.C., how many people automatically know ‘War Games’ was produced by DJ Premier? The producer is an extremely important part of the process, so we put it in the headline.”


Riz – “Cant Stop Me”




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