Close to a month after signing to rapper Rick Ross’ Maybach Music, R&B singer Teedra Moses is already preparing for her first project through the label.

Moses initially planned on releasing her sophomore album this year, but will first release a feature-filled new mixtape titled Luxurious Undergrind.

“This is going to be the first mixtape I grab a lot of features for, which I normally don’t do. It will also be my first mixtape that will have a stamp from someone that people already respect,” Moses explained to “The attention that will be on this mixtape will be the same as the attention that would be on a sophomore album [therefore] I’m putting all my efforts to making this like Drake did. He made a mixtape so great that it could have been an album. That’s what I want to do. I always said that I wanted to release The Lioness the right way, I think this will help me out.”

While Maybach Music is a predominantly Hip Hop centered label Moses explained that she’s grateful to be at a label where she can be herself and not feel forced to conform.

“I just need a place to put out my music,” said Moses. “I’ve learned so much being independent. I’ve learned to connect to the people I wasn’t keen on looking for a deal. He saw how I was grinding, he respected that and he came to me…I’m not trying to conform. I’m just adding what I do to what they do, my way though.”

The singer is just one of a series of artists who have joined Maybach Music this year. Just this week Ross signed on Ohio rapper Stalley and in February Atlanta rapper Pill joined the label.  

Moses makes several appearances on Maybach Music’s upcoming compilation album, Self Made.