Shots were fired as Trill Fam rapper Lil Phat performed Sunday night at Tuscaloosa, Alabama’s Black Orchid Club. One of the Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper’s alleged associates, Travis Demond Carroll has reportedly been arrested and charged with attempted murder and second degree assault, according to

Police reports indicate that Carroll was approached by a man upon exiting the club, before shooting the other man and a nearby woman. The victim is reportedly in critical condition, as the woman is recovering.

Those reports are connecting Carroll to Phats, though Trill Entertainment has yet to release a statement. For the Trill Fam, this is the second such incident in less than a month, after Webbie performed during a shooting in Illinois. Presently, Trill Fam’s biggest star, Lil Boosie, is on trial for first degree murder.

Travis Demond Carroll is presently incarcerated, on $75,000 bail.