California rapper and self-proclaimed “Based God” Lil B had a lot to say about his upcoming album I’m Gay in a radio interview which aired on Green Lantern & Boss Lady’s “The Invasion” radio show on Sirius XM radio. It was also revealed that famed producer Just Blaze will be working alongside the somewhat eccentric rapper on his new album.

At one point in the interview Just Blaze explained that it took a while for him to understand Lil B, but through a series of text messages and phone calls he developed more of an understanding of the rapper.

“I understand what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. It’s smart, and it’s not necessarily a gimmick. It’s one of those things that just goes to show you that you can’t take everything somebody says in the most literal since,” Just Blaze explained. “I appreciate that, and there’s a deeper meaning to what he’s saying. It took me a minute to get over that hump. When B first came on my radar, I didn’t really get it…The more we jumped on the phone and text messaged—we connected and I understood how he thinks. I get it now, and it’s deeper than the words. Sometimes you’ve gotta look past the words and listen to the words on the record.”

During his performance at Coachella over the weekend Lil B revealed that the name of his new album would be I’m Gay and of course sparked a firestorm of comments from fans, bloggers, and even gay rights organization GLAAD.

“I wanna say this is gonna change the world. It’s gonna make the world think. It’s bigger than me, and the message is gonna keep people talking,” said Lil B. “I’m Gay will be the most powerful album to ever come out. It’s gonna change people’s lives, and I promise that from my heart. The words have elevated the way people address me. It’s amazing. You have your radicals, but in general, people are viewing me with a whole different stature. It’s way more respect.”

A release date for I’m Gay has yet to be announced.