April 15 is upon us, which means two things. The NBA Playoffs are finally starting, and your taxes are due. If you’re like us and sending in that check has you in need of a laugh courtesy of the latest events on the fringe of Hip Hop culture, loose links is here to help. Send those payments in and hope for a few good games tomorrow, kids.

“Southernplayalisticadillac Madness”

March came and went with what was one of the most ugly NCAA men’s basketball championship games ever between Butler and eventual champion Connecticut. But just because Kemba Walker and a host of other collegiate hoopers are headed for the NBA (assuming the expected lockout doesn’t wipe out the 2011 season), doesn’t mean you can’t still have some fun with tournament brackets. Rembert Brown, creator of the blog “500 Days Asunder” created an NCAA-style bracket of 64 Outkast songs. Just like the tournament, each group of twelve songs is divided into four regions. Instead of the traditional areas, East Point, SWATS, Adamsville and College Park represent Outkast’s hometown of Atlanta.

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“Cold Lampin’ With Flavor”

Like most of you, we’re still kind of scratching our head at Flavor Flav’s decision to open up a fried chicken franchise. While we’re doing that, Flav will be expanding his poultry empire. TMZ reports that the Public Enemy member-turned reality show star, is in negotiations to open another wing (no pun intended) of his chicken restaurant inside of the Rivera Casino in Las Vegas.

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“Think I’m Based God”

Lastly, Lil B may be one of the most polarizing artists ever featured on HipHopDX.com. Each time his material is posted, we see comments like, “Why is DX posting this bullshit?” Yet, he remains one of the highest viewed artists on the site. Either a lot of people are lying, or the comments just represent a loud minority. No matter the case, The Based God will be taking his brand to the clothing world through a partnership with The Hundreds. Co-founder Bobby Hundreds explained the move saying, “We back Lil B because he’s a true artist, broken away from the pack, the black sheep, making music on his own terms by his own rules and finally offering rap something unique.” Thank you Based God?

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