Earlier this week rapper Talib Kweli was quick to shut down a possible partnership at one of the stops on his Gutter Rainbows Tour. According to Kweli, malt liquor brand Colt 45 was brought on to serve as a partner at his show in Lawrence, Kansas on April 20 without his knowledge.

Kweli then turned to his Twitter page to explain to fans that the show will go on, but without Colt 45 as a partner.

“To my fans in Lawrence Kansas the Granada Theater has partnered with Colt 45 without my knowledge to promote the show. We shut that down,” the rapper Tweeted on Tuesday, April 12. “So on 4-20 I will be at the Granada in Lawrence Kansas but Colt45 is no longer involved in the show promo. Thank yall (fans) for alerting me.”

The Gutter Rainbows Tour follows the January release of Kweli’s most recent studio album also titled Gutter Rainbows. The tour will stop in about 20 more cities before concluding in Orlando, Florida on May 7.

While Colt 45’s involvement in Kweli’s show next week was clearly unwelcomed other rappers are a little more accepting of the brand. In fact, just last month rapper Snoop Dogg teamed up with Colt 45 to endorse their latest product titled Blast By Colt 45.