In addition to his work as an emcee Xzibit has also been making incidental music, the music used by production companies to score movies and television shows. Now the rapper will release “Urban Ammo 2”. The album will contain forty tracks, all created and performed by Xzibit, for the aforementioned production purposes.

Sony’s Extreme Music imprint, which specializes in the this type of music, will release the record. Other artists who have created work for Extreme Music included Snoop Dogg, Paul Oakenfold, and Quincy Jones. Xzibit spoke to about working with Extreme, saying, “Working with Extreme has been a wonderful experience. The music created for Urban Ammo 2 has been [in] collaboration with artists whom I feel are the next generation of stars in Hip Hop, R&B and Rock. Unleashing these tracks is gonna wreak some havoc!”

Xzibit has been active as of late. He signed to Mack 10’s Hoo Bangin’ Records back in February. And last week he dropped a new track, “Man on the Moon” which featured a guest verse from Young De.