Mexican born actor/director Mario Van Peebles has created a film titled We the Party and he’s started to promote this film with “Cat Daddy 2.0,” a mini-movie clip based on the Rej3ctz’s audition for the film. 

“When we started working with Mario on set for the movie, we knew right away we were going to make history,” Pee W33 of the Rej3ctz noted in a press release before Bounc3 added his take. “He understood our vision as Renaissance Artists, and saw this video as a creative opportunity to capture a different side of us individually and as a group.”

Aside from featuring the aforementioned Rej3ctz, We The Party will feature The New Boyz, YG, Snoop Dogg, Quincy Brown (Diddy’s son) and more.

“Teenagers are listening to a lot of new music.  It’s not just about gangsta rap and hyper capitalism wish fulfillment anymore.” Van Peebles said in a statement.  “I think the Rej3ctz represent some of the shift to a brighter, more self deprecating and implicitly socially conscious stance. ‘Cat Daddy 2.0’ tells the story of how we met on the film audition. These guys clearly had the self-confidence to not take themselves or the rap game too seriously.  It’s as if, on some level, they get the joke of life.” 

Van Peebles, who has also directed 50 Cent on Things Fall Apart, is most known for his roles in New Jack City and Ali. The video clip for “Cat Daddy 2.0” can be seen below, followed by a trailer for the film, We the Party