On at least two separate occasions, members of the media have scrutinized Lupe Fiasco’s interactions with fellow Chicagoan, President Obama. In addition to further explaining his quotes about the Middle East on “Words I Never Said,” Lupe told DJ Whoo Kid and Ben Lyons about the over analysis of his decision not to shake the President’s hand during a recent meeting.

“Actions speak louder than words,” Lupe explained. “I always revert back to that Outkast [‘Aquemeni’] when Andre asked, ‘Is every nigga with dreads for the cause / Is every nigga with golds for the fall / Naw /So don’t get caught up in appearance…”

Lupe said that just because President Obama is black, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s President of the United States—“the most corrupt regime on the planet.” His statement echoed similar remarks made by both KRS-One and dead prez. Lupe further added that he didn’t specifically have a problem with President Obama, but rather with the corrupt political system.

“We have a government that’s catered toward the corporate forces,” Lupe added. “You gonna see that over the next two years while [Obama’s] still gonna be in office. There are things going on right now that are going to roll out in the next two years. Services for the people will be eliminated for the sake of kowtowing to some corporate interests, insurance lobbyists and big farms.”

Lupe Fiasco specifically pointed last May’s $938 billion Health Care Bill and the $1.049 trillion legislation set for a House vote later this week which narrowly avoided first federal government shutdown in 15 years. The full interview with DJ Whoo Kid and Ben Lyons is available at RadioPlanet.tv.