As their buzz continues to grow, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is seeing more and more major label and corporate sponsorship offers.

The shock-rap collective, in an interview with the LA Times, explained that they’re cautious about how to expand their brand. “Whether it’s XL, Interscope, Supreme, or even Apple, Sony or Google, we’re looking for the best partner on our content and creations,” says member Airaudi.

“A record label doesn’t necessarily have pole position,” he continued. “Creative control and freedom come first. Going forward, successful artists will be ones fully immersed in the intellectual property of their lifestyle.”

As for major labels, frontman Tyler The Creator, expressed prior ambitions. “I always wanted to sign to Interscope when I was a kid because it was the label of Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. I want a boat. I want a Grammy,” he revealed. “But I’d never sign a deal without 100% creative control. You lose a lot when you sign with the major labels. I’d rather be broke than have to rap over the same chord progressions as everyone else.”