Grind Music Radio recently caught up with the legendary Pete Rock to break down his top five favorite producers. Listing beatsmiths like DJ Premier, the Alchemist, J Dilla, Madlib and Nottz, the Choclate Boy Wonder explains why each producer made his list and why he had to extend the list to six to include Dr. Dre.

“The Alchemist, with the LOX record [‘We Gon Make It],” he explained. “He put the stamp down. DJ Premier for all the classics…Nottz for the R. Kelly joint [Snoop Dogg’s ‘That’s That Shit’]…that was hard. That was crazy…[J] Dilla, for just [being] that new dude that came up from Mars that landed on Earth and just blasted everyone with his talent and left us. Madlib for all of the underground illness that he does, when he incorporates the excerpts that he uses and the funny stuff that he does. [That] makes me gravitate toward what he does…I had to throw [Dr.] Dre in their because The Chronic changed my life…so I got to say Dr. Dre, and hopefully one day we’ll get to collab.”

In related news, Pete Rock recently re-released a expanded and limited 10th anniversary edition of his 2001 instrumental project PeteStrumentals. The re-release of the project is a part of Beat Generation’s 10th anniversary celebration. Pete Rock is also currently preparing the release of a collaborative project with DJ Premier.

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The full interview can be seen below.