New information about Notorious B.I.G.’s murder has been released. Last week, the FBI revealed an online reading room called The Vault that allows for a search of the bureau’s documents as part of the Freedom of Information Act and B.I.G. murder documents reveal some new data on the case that many were unaware of before. 

Records of an FBI probe into the unsolved case of Biggie’s murder appear in The Vault including information about the the way the New York emcee was killed in Los Angeles. It seems he was shot with a German-made Gecko 9mm gun, one that is not commonly found in the United States. The FBI investigation also provides information about some Los Angeles Police Department officers involved with the case having gang ties. It also reveals details about how they were able to hinder the process of the investigation by not properly documenting or following up on witness statements related to the killing of Christopher Wallace. The FBI also has uncut video footage of the shooting, according to reports.

While most of the information related to the murder has been known by the public, other news did surface through The Vault. A list of the items B.I.G. had at the time of his death have now become known, as seen in this excerpt of a document provided by The Smoking Gun. As shown, Biggie was said to be carrying a plastic baggy with marijuana, an asthma inhaler and 3 Magnum condoms. That evening, he was wearing Karl Kani jeans, Timberland boots and a Bernini sweater. 

To view the entire documents, check the FBI’s Vault