Back in 2008, Brooklyn’s own Sha Stimuli teamed up with producer and ASCAP Member Management employee and iStandard VP Rhythm J for his accalimed mixtape Hotter Than July. Now, the two have reunited for a new anthem for the New York Knicks.

The two artists have joined forces for a new track titled “We Win” to celebrate the Knicks’ sucessful season. In a recent press release, Stimuli spoke about reuniting with his Hotter Than July partner.

“Rhythm J and I collaborated on my Hotter Than July dedicated to Stevie Wonder and now we’re coming together again to salute the ‘New Look Knicks’ who are about to make their playoff push,” he said. “Being a NY native, it feels good to see the city getting behind the home team after over 10 years of hardships. We wanted to make something original that the team would actually hear and feel inspired. Hope it works.”

Their song “We Win” can be heard below.