In a recent interview with VIBE, E-40 was the latest in a slew of artists to share their fondest memories of late Hip Hop hookman Nate Dogg.

“Oh yeah, I remember Nate Dogg, Kurupt, Daz, Snoop, they all came down to The Bay area, came to my house and we all went down to our good friend, producer Studio Tone’s house,” remembered E-40. “We basically stayed around the corner from each other. We kicked it all night. They pretty much spent the night. We was in the studio all night and we came up with a song called ‘We Came To Rock Ya Body,’ and Nate Dogg killed that hook, he did his thang.”

40 Water revealed that his roots with Nate and and his crew ran deep. “All we did was kick it ‘cause we’re folks. Us and Tha Dogg Pound go back to the early ‘90s you see what I’m saying? Matter of fact, we have picture of Droop-E and Snoop Dogg in like ’93, ’94 when Droop-E was a little baby. I don’t know how old was. He’s 23 now.”

E-40 remarked on Nate Dogg’s unique singing quality that made him a fan-favorite and a mainstay in Hip Hop for over a decade. “[A]nything that Nate Dogg touched… anybody can do a hook, but when Nate Dogg does a hook, he makes the song spectacular. Over all he’s true talent, a true writer. A lot of people can sing but can’t write, some people can write but can’t sing, Nate Dogg did them both. He was able to write and sing, and put game behind it and paint a picture. There’s a difference the way Nate used to get down. He would paint a picture and put real street game behind it where the streets can feel it.”

“We lost a true legend. I know that he’s just another angel looking over his family, watching over his good loved ones.”