Their respective careers in Hip Hop have taken 40 Glocc (a.k.a. Big Bad 40) and Spider Loc around the world. With 40 going viral and Spider Loc delving further into the world of acting, both emcees joined forces on the DJ Drama-hosted, retail album, Graveyard Shift with one stated goal.

“It just show another side to the homie: that niggas know how to have fun,” Spider recently told Brandon E. Roos, during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “A lot of times in this soft-ass industry you’ll get a bad wrap for being a bully or a problem maker and people think you don’t know how to have fun. I appreciated watching it just because it showed the homie know how to have fun. He just clownin’.”

As such, Spider and 40’s most recent video “On The Blocc” showcases them in their element, but still having fun. The N.W.A. family tree looms large in California, and both Big Bad 40 and Spider Loc have direct ties through the late Eazy E. However both G-Unit affiliates make it clear what the priority is in their latest clip, as Spider Loc rhymes, “Still hang where I used to before my fame / On the seven where everybody know my name / Where the OG’s still drink OE / And get OZ’s they can take OT / My mind on my money / My hand on my Glock / I knock / I swear I’m the man on my block.”

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40 Glocc and Spider Loc’s “Graveyard Shift” is now available for purchase now via iTunes.