Complex recently caught up with one of Hip Hop’s biggest budding stars Curren$y to discuss his numerous upcoming projects, including his Covert Coupe EP with the Alchemist and his fifth album Muscle Car Chronicles, due out May 5. During the interview, Curren$y discussed his record deal with Warner Brothers. He said that while he was at first hesitant to sign with a major label, he is confident in Warners’s vision for his music.

“They reached out just based on what I had been doing independently,” said Spitta. “I think I proved to a few companies that I was going to be a machine regardless, whether I aligned myself with a machine or not, I was going to become a machine. The companies that did step to the table, I never thought I’d be able to maintain my independence and my underground soul of how I do my shit. Just talking to Warner Brothers, they let me know they only wanted to deal with me based on what I had already done. So they would only want me to keep doing that.” 

Curren$y also spoke about his relationship with his current label BlueRoc’s CEO Damon Dash. Although he said that Dame wasn’t involved in securing his latest contract, the two are still on good terms.

“[Dame Dash wasn’t involved with this deal], but that’s my homie,” he said. “We got dealings on this Muscle Car Chronicles, but as far as the Warner deal, that was all me and my manager’s doing. But BlueRoc’s success is not contingent on if I’m still there. Nothing happens to my old label. They’re fine, they doing what they doing.”

Spitta also spoke about his foray into film with his upcoming flick Muscle Car Chronicles. Inspired by his impending album of the same name, the film follows the story of a home burglarizing birthday clown on the road to musical stardom. Although Curren$y made his film debut in 2005 with Master P’s Still Bout It, he says working on this latest project was a new experience.

“We also got the movie, Muscle Car Chronicles,” he explained. “It’s a short film, the playing time might be a little over 30 minutes. Coodie Simmons and Chike Ozah [of Channel Zero]—they shot a version of ‘Jesus Walks’ with Kanye and they’re partners with Dame on Creative Control—they directed and wrote the movie. [They heard the album] and just started scribbling the script. They had the movie [planned out], so when I got there they were like, ‘Let’s do this. We could pull it off in three days.’ So once they told me it would only take three days, I was like fuck it. Let’s see if we can do it.

“The movie is a cornucopia of cinematography inspired by Muscle Car Chronicles. In the movie, my name is Melvin and it’s me and this chick driving around in a Winnebago and dressing up as birthday clowns. We come to kid’s houses and do one-two steps with the balloons and shit, but we also burglarize the homes. But that money is to fund my musical takeover. I was in some Master P movies before. I was in Still Bout It counting money and talking like a gangster. But I’m still new to movies.”