On early Tuesday morning (December 31st), 50 Cent and 5 members of his crew were all arrested and charged with 2 counts of criminal possession of a weapon. The situation itself is a rather strange one that will likely generate many questions.

50 was scheduled to perform at a pre-New Years Eve bash at the Copacobana in Manhattan. As a condition for his appearance, 50 requested a bullet proof car for his transportation. The events promoter, Jay Mangan, said that he arranged for the vehicle and a driver from a private company at the cost of $1700.

When 50 appeared at the club, Mangan said that police in an unmarked taxi approached the vehicle and prevented 50 and his entourage from exited the Jeep Cherokee. One of the officers noticed a (loaded).25 caliber handgun on the floor (front passenger side). After a search of the vehicle, a loaded .45 was found as well. According to a police spokesperson, the vehicle was pulled over on a double parking violation.